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    Note: SBA/SBDC Policy requires initial meeting and paperwork be with and completed by company owner/principal.

    The SBA has specific criteria it uses in the definition of "in business".
    Please choose any or all of the criteria that your business meets:
    N/ADocumented transaction from product sale or serviceIncurred business expense in the operation of a businessContracted or compensated employees (or independent contractors)Filed required registrations (DBA)Acquired debt or equity capital for the business (ie: purchase inventory, equipment, building or business)

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    Do you have savings or other financial resources that you will invest towards starting or growing your business?

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    How did you hear about the Dallas Metropolitan SBDC?
    N/ABank/LenderChamberClient/Word of MouthCollege/UniversityCounty/CityGovernmentInternet SearchLocal Economic DevelopmentSBASBDCTraining SeminarSCORESocial Media/Blog PostOther

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